Video tip of the week: How to hit a ball that’s below your feet

When you’re on a sidehill lie and the ball is below your feet, how often do you find yourself pushing the ball to the right of your target?

Many golfers share the same struggle. But in this video, Tiffany Anselment, who runs the Anselment Golf Academy out of Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville, helps you cut down on those errant shots by showing you what adjustments to make in such situations.

Want a lesson?

The Anselment Golf Academy offers private lessons, starting at $45 for a half-hour session for an adult and ranging to 24 half-hour lessons for $750.  Junior lessons are also available.

If you prefer a group setting, the Anselment Golf Academy also provides adult, junior and corporate and private group academies.

For more information, call 704-777-7968.

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