Get a grip with MCC Align

Golf Pride’s MCC Align grips get a golfer’s hands in the correct position. (Photo courtesy of Golf Pride)

It’s a tough sell to convince golfers that a change in grips can make you play better golf. But think about it: The grip is your only contact with the club and if you feel good with the grip in your hands, shouldn’t that mean that you have a better chance to hit a good shot?

The folks at Golf Pride believe they have the answer to that question with their new MCC Align grips. The MCC was already the top hybrid grip on the PGA Tour – cord in the top hand and rubber in the bottom hand. But one important innovation was added – the Align technology that features a raised ridge at the back of the grip.

Reminder ridges have been available in grips for years. And the company says that 1 in 3 PGA Tour players play with reminders in their grips. What sets the Align apart is the notion that the ridge in the MCC has a diamond texture pattern and material that is 50 percent firmer than the rest of the grip to enable the player to have a more pronounced feel.

The result, the company says, is that the golfer has a better chance to lock his or her hands on the club the right way – every time. And if you follow the logic, that leads to a square clubface at impact much more often.

The grips are available in the MCC and the MCC Plus 4, which is larger in the bottom hand section. Both are available in regular and mid-size.

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