Tour Edge’s CBX fairway wood kills spin

Tour Edge’s CBX fairway wood is the company’s latest technology. (Photo Courtesy of Tour Edge)

If you’ve never heard of Tour Edge, ask better players who are savvy about equipment. They will tell you if you are looking for a hot fairway wood, take a close look at Tour Edge.

Located in Batavia, Ill., Tour Edge is one of the best-kept secrets in the game. Back in 2004, the company developed a fairway wood with a method it called “combo brazing,” in which it bonded titanium and steel with chemicals instead of welding. The result was higher tolerances in exact weight. It was called CB.

The result was a fairway wood that had a cult-like following in golf because of the prodigious distances it produced.

Now, Tour Edge is introducing the CBX, which the company says is 16 yards longer than the three best-selling fairway woods, according to results of an Iron Byron test. The CBX design alters the club’s center of gravity (CG) to manipulate initial launch angle and velocity, also reducing the amount of spin the ball will have on release.

A carbon sole unit moves mass forward to determine the precise CG location. The longer toe to heel and shorter front to back head shape provides precise weighting throughout the clubhead and optimizes performance with absolute CG location.

The higher CG location minimizes spin for optimal low-spin distance, making for a tour-caliber fairway wood that will provide amazing distance off the tee and from the rough.

The result of the higher CG is the lowest spinning, exceptionally versatile fairway wood capable of delivering amazing distances and less dispersion on mis-hits due to the reduced side spin.

“The distance gains from the independent test are phenomenal. Then we saw the spin numbers and started calling it the ‘spin-killer’ around the office,” said Tour Edge president and founder David Glod.

“Everything has lined-up for the CBX, the design, compilation of materials, and CG location to make it our next best fairway wood. It really has brought us back to full circle on where we were when we launched Exotics and provided a product that no one else in the industry could match numbers wise.”

The CBX will be offered in a strong 3 (13.5 degrees), 3 (15 degrees), 4 (16.5 degrees) and 5 (18 degrees). They will start shipping to retailers on Sept. 5.


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