Bridgestone’s Tour B offers something for everyone

Bridgestone Golf has revamped its popular premium golf ball line. Beginning Oct. 2, the company will introduce the Tour B series with four different models, depending on the individual player’s needs. The Tour B replaces the company’s long-running B330 series.

Bridgestone is noted for its ball fitting process and has a database of more than 3 million in-person and online ball fittings that it used in the development of the new Tour B models. They used this data to determine how specific characteristics would benefit different players.

The Tour B X and XS are for the low-handicap player who is seeking enhanced feel. Due to a softer urethane cover, the X and XS give the better player more spin and control around the green.

But that’s not all, says the company. The X and XS deliver more distance because Bridgestone’s signature 330 Dual Dimple design has been improved and enhanced. The X is for the player looking for more accuracy and the XS is for increased distance.

The RX and RXS are for low-to-mid handicap players and have a different Dual Dimple design, with 338 dimples. The RX will deliver more accuracy, the company says and the RXS is for players looking for better feel.

According to the company, Bridgestone owns more than 1,000 golf ball patents and has more than 900 engineers worldwide.

“The secret to our success is in the data, as we rely on our database of millions of swings to understand how golfers of all skill levels are hitting the ball,” says Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone Golf marketing manager.  “We then start to build out player personas based on trends and collaborate with third party golf industry data sources to further fine-tune each persona bucket.

“Once we have established exact needs of different players we determine which of our proprietary technologies can help them rise above the competition.”


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