TaylorMade M CGB irons longer, more forgiving

TaylorMade M CGB irons built for high launch and more distance throughout the entire set. (Photo courtesy of TaylorMade Golf)

When you use words like “longer” and “more forgiving” when referring to golf clubs, you usually associate those terms with drivers. But technology has advanced to make those words describe irons, as well.

TaylorMade introduces its M CGB irons, super game improvement clubs designed for mid-to-high handicap players. The M CGB starts with technology that has made other TaylorMade irons successful.

Face slots allow the iron face to flex and along with the Speed Pocket, is designed to increase speed and create more distance. Each M CGB club is designed with high Coefficient of Restitution (COR), which is the transfer of energy from the time the ball is contacted to when it leaves the clubface.

In other iron sets, COR is progressive and is maxed out in the long irons. In the M CBG, the COR is consistent throughout the set and results in high launch and maximum distance from the 4-iron through the pitching wedge.

Each clubhead is designed with tungsten weights that create high Moment of Inertia (MOI), which is the club’s resistance to twisting on off-center hits. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the club is all over the face, no matter where the ball comes in contact with the club.

The M CGB has also been designed for draw bias. The company’s Inverted Cone technology has been moved toward the toe of each iron in this set. And the company says its Geocoustic technology create improved sound and feel.

“The CGB name is iconic and represents some of the longest and most forgiving irons we’ve ever created at TaylorMade,” says Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director, Iron Product Creation. “The concept has now been re-created with all our latest technology to bring never before seen performance to golfers of all skill levels.”

The M CGB irons will be available at retailers beginning Sept. 29.


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